Just Inn not JUST brings you a cozy accommodation,
BUT an attitude of Living, Travel, Art and Style.

Spending time to explore our house, you will find a substantial collection of contemporary artworks curated and made by Just Inn’s host and the best designers and artists of the city. Our design is to provide travelers with a cozy and friendly environment, together with an aspiring artistic experience.

Be prepared to embrace the ideas and thoughts exchanged in this little art hub!

Water is the source of life. We believe that the choice of water reflects our endeavor to serve you the best. All drinking water in Just Inn is filtered and treated with the renowned Coway Water System.

A deep breath of clean and fresh air is not just good for our health, but also refreshes our mind. Panasonic nanoe™Air Purifiers stand at every corner of the house, and also in the room, to ensure you are in the best mode to continue your journey.

An exquisite cup of coffee to start a day! We provide Switzerland brand Nespresso coffee for free. Capsules of different tastes are served at our refreshment corner. Help yourself to enjoy a sip of tasty coffee.

You may enjoy readings, free internet access, a cup of coffee or just relax and share your travel experiences with friends from all around the world in our common area. Life and Travel, enjoy your time here.